Sports & Leisure

How glasses can enhance your hobby and sport.

Our hobbies or favourite sports provide us with some of the most enjoyable moments in our lives. Good, comfortable vision can help us get the most out of these special moments. Spectacle lenses and frames for sports and leisure activities can be precisely tailored to the needs of each individual wearer. Only one thing counts: optimum vision for maximum enjoyment.

Here are some tips for choosing the optimum eyewear for your sporting and leisure activities

80 percent of the impressions we receive of our environment are obtained through our eyes, making them our most important sense organ. In sport, good vision is an absolute must. Poor vision not only means that you risk mishitting the ball or misjudging the finish line. It can also lead to a feeling of insecurity and ultimately even to sporting accidents. Sports eyewear must perform even better than everyday spectacles and resistance to breakage and glare protection are often essential requirements. And, of course, driving along in a convertible on a sunny day makes totally different demands on your spectacles than your workplace or everyday life. Your optician can help you configure the best spectacles for your leisure time. He or she can match your spectacles to your personal budget and vision needs. BETTER VISION provides you with some tips and examples on how to ensure that you choose the optimum sports and leisure eyewear for your personal requirements. Have you any questions about spectacle lenses for sporting activities or your favourite hobby?

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