A precise grip and perfect trajectories August Mössner GmbH & Co. KG optimizes production and programming with ZEISS T-SCAN
How August Mössner succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • Measurement even of large and very heavy components by freedom of handling
  • Short set-up time of only 10 minutes
  • Significant time savings of up to 2 weeks for setting plants into operation

August Mössner measures cast parts with ZEISS T-SCAN to generate optimum robot trajectories

August Mössner GmbH & Co. KG has found a solution in which the ZEISS T-SCAN plays a pivotal role. The engineers use the hand-held laser scanner to measure die castings and to produce the corresponding fittings for roboter grippers.

The engineers use the hand-held laser scanner to measure the surface contours of the casting which typically might be a cylinder block or a gearbox case. They then compare the data-set which is generated by this process with the nominal CAD data supplied by the automotive manufacturer. As this modular system needs no physical connection to a measuring table the data collection is simple and hassle-free, even in areas difficult to access.

After measuring with ZEISS T-SCAN and a false color comparison in the intuitive ZEISS software which, among other things, highlights where the plus and minus variations from the nominal dimensions are to be found, the optimum trajectories are defined a few work steps later with the aid of the reverse engineering software and a robot simulation program; these trajectories are also valid for different castings with different deviations.

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