Precision in plastics ZEISS solutions ensure the quality of injection molded parts
How Unika succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • Before purchasing ZEISS COMET, Unika had to send the parts to an external service provider for inspection, which was expensive and took much longer.
  • Quality assurance is simplified and made highly flexible, it is precise and fast.
  • ZEISS colin3D software for COMET is also compatible with ZEISS CALYPSO, the software for ZEISS tactile machines.

Small injection molded part, big challenge for Unika

The component for which the machine was purchased is hardly larger than a pin head: a plastic pin for the hinge of a spectacle frame. “Because it‘s so tiny, I couldn‘t measure it on the ZEISS CONTURA coordinate measuring machine,“ recalls Fynbo, Manager of measuring lab, “so we opted for the ZEISS COMET 3D scanner.“

Today, of course, it not only measures pins for spectacle frames, but also a wide range of plastic parts or tools. Four lens sets providing different measuring volumes are available.

ZEISS COMET also plays an important role in reverse engineering. Sometimes customers come with a part without CAD data, sometimes even just with a model made of wood, and the request, “Build it for us from plastic.”

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