Unleash hidden efficiencies in manufacturing processes

9th June 2021

Increase throughput, decrease rejects - maximize your productivity: Integrate your CMM into your production process.

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Use your full process potential: Integrate quality assurance to the production


Ensuring quality where production takes place brings advantages that are not only financial. ZEISS offers solutions that optimally integrate CMMs into your environment and increase your efficiency.


  • Learn about new ZEISS products preparing your CMM for production
  • See the financial benefits in an ROI calculation
  • Benefit from our expert knowledge sharing true custom projects

Speakers at ZEISS Webinar

Maximilian Wiedemann

Product Manager

Dietmar Schmidt

Sales Representative

ZEISS Integration Series

Unleash the full efficiency of your process

ZEISS Integration Series integrates your quality assurance, optimizes your processes and thus increases your productivity by selecting the right loading system or the ideal integration and automation solution for your CMM.