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Your benefits of ZEISS CALYPSO 2024

Optimize your quality control: ZEISS CALYPSO is your universal software for dimensional metrology applications. Solve your challenges even easier and faster with the latest functions that you receive with this year’s update. By the way: The ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement includes all updates and service packs for ZEISS CALYPSO.

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Highlights of the new release

High efficiency combined with flexibility and reliability – this is the focus of the development of ZEISS CALYPSO. In 2024, the software not only shines with technological optimizations, but also supports you in your daily challenges with improved user guidance and other new features.

Modern technology

CALYPSO is now available as a 64-bit version and can support you on all current operating systems.

This increases the performance of your measurement system.

PMI import with new GD&T library

In CALYPSO 2024, you can use Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to create collection plans based on the new GD&T library. The powerful combination of PMI and the library allows you to work faster and more productively.

Improvements in optical measurement

With the new reflex correction, the software increases the robustness of edge recognition, since the influence of surface finishing is reduced. In addition, the mosaic function offers you a new way to create a large image from different images.

4-axis scanning

With this year's release, CALYPSO supports the combination of ZEISS LineScan and a rotary table for 4-axis measurements. This reduces the number of RDS positions required for carrying out measurement tasks. This avoids reorientation of the sensor and allows you to perform measurement tasks faster and with higher performance.

More new features in ZEISS CALYPSO 2024

  • CALYPSO curve: Measurement of connected curves and other improvements
  • CALYPSO freeform: Split programming and morphological filters for freeform surfaces
  • Improved usability: The measurement element display is now transferable via the brush function, there is a new dialog for start and base systems, you have more flexibility in the programming of complex inspection plans...

... and much more.

Latest updates, service and support
with your Software Maintenance Agreement

Benefit immediately from new functions or options: With the ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement, you have access to the latest software updates and can rely on high quality in the long term. You have direct access to application expertise, targeted software support and continuous software updates as well as service packs – at lower upgrade prices.

Get the best out of the software with regular updates:

More improved features from last year’s releases

Do you already know the features of the latest ZEISS CALYPSO releases? With regular updates, for example via a Software Maintenance Agreement, you benefit immediately from new features. These useful features have been improving ZEISS CALYPSO for a few years:

Automated error analysis

With ZEISS CALYPSO, you can easily measure 1000 holes in ten minutes, for example. To optimize the subsequent manual evaluation of the measurement reports, ZEISS CALYPSO recognizes the inspection characteristics with errors and automatically displays the complete detailed information in the measurement report. This ZEISS CALYPSO inspection characteristic concept has now also been incorporated into the automated defect analysis in ZEISS PiWeb reporting. This means that all characteristics that are out of tolerance are automatically displayed in the interactive CAD view.

Automatic subsequent evaluation to increase the CMM utilization

To ensure that your coordinate measuring machine is not occupied by the evaluation after the measurement, you can evaluate the measurement results on another computer. The CMM is free for further measurements immediately after the measurement has ended – the utilization is significantly increased. The evaluation computer can be commissioned by different coordinate measuring machines.

New option ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning

The new option ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning allows you to easily adapt the inspection plan based on statistical rules from ZEISS GUARDUS MES and ZEISS GUARDUS CAQ. These rules determine how often measurement characteristics are inspected in a measurement plan. This plan can be influenced in the process. With ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning, the measurement plan can be adapted with just a few clicks. Based on the applied rules, significant time savings are possible during the measurement process.

Results available 20 times faster thanks to optimized algorithm.

An improved mathematical algorithm provides a significant increase in performance for the calculation of freeform and point sets as well as freeform deviations. In addition, the software features an improved adaptation of the Gauss-Chebyshev method for tactile as well as optical points. The latter are calculated faster by a factor of 100. Furthermore, the improved mathematical algorithm enables a significantly accelerated data transfer. The optimized freeform user interface can now be used to eliminate outliers, set the number of points output in the CAD window and interactively adjust the CAD display in the report output. Thanks to all these innovations, ZEISS CALYPSO now delivers results up to 20 times faster.

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