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Platos adaptadores ZEISS

Original ZEISS Adapter Plates for ZEISS CMMs

A CMM from ZEISS is a high-precision system. All components are optimally designed to fit and work together. The adapter plate is an essential interface in your measuring setup as it connects the stylus system to your probe. To ensure your CMM selects the right adapter plate for each workpiece, original ZEISS adapter plates are equipped with an ID-chip that is recognized by your CMM.
Only certified ZEISS adapter plates unlock the full potential of your ZEISS CMM. Their high quality is monitored according to strict test standards to deliver improved quality of measurement results, higher productivity and increased system stability. With the original, reliable measuring is guaranteed.

Ventajas de los platos adaptadores ZEISS

Solo disponible con el original

  • Evita errores operativos y mediciones incorrectas

Los platos adaptadores de ZEISS identifican el sistema de palpadores en el software mediante el chip identificativo y, de esta forma, se evitan errores operativos y mediciones incorrectas. Otra ventaja es que se dispone de más información, como por ejemplo la presión de medición o el ángulo del sistema de palpadores activo, la cual está disponible en la pantalla del panel de control con los originales.

  • Acelera el cambio de palpador

La función de software "Quick Change" permite que el procedimiento de cambio del palpador pueda realizarse en la mitad de tiempo. Es una práctica ventaja en el caso de piezas de trabajo complejas que requieren numerosos cambios de palpadores.  

  • Tiempo de medición más corto

La función "FlyScan" permite que el palpador avance en línea recta sobre un receso y continúe el escaneado en el otro lado sin interrupción. Aun así, el software evalúa los puntos de medición correctos. En función de la pieza de trabajo, este proceso puede reducir el tiempo de medición hasta un 70 % en, por ejemplo, la medición de la parte externa de un engranaje.

More robust data transmission

The refined bearing position of the XXT adapter plates retain system stability while maintaining the same high level of accuracy. Gold-coated contact points improve electrical conductivity, ensuring more robust data transmission. Overall, CMM equipment efficiency is only guaranteed by using the original ZEISS adapter plates.

ZEISS adapter plates speed up measurements

Seven tips for a faster measuring process

Types of Adapter Plates

Original ZEISS adapter plates

The perfect adapter plate for your measuring system


ZEISS VAST adapter plates support ZEISS VAST Gold and ZEISS VAST XT Gold sensors. ZEISS VAST Gold is the ideal sensor for tactile scanning and single-point measurements with long styli. They can handle styli with a length of up to 800 millimetres and a weight of up to 800 grams. This sensor is characterized by its high scanning speeds.


ZEISS VAST XTR adapter plates are the right choice for ZEISS VAST XTR Gold sensors. This type of sensor has an integrated rotation axis, which means that the stylus is aligned in the direction of the feature to be measured.


These adapter plates support ZEISS VAST XXT sensors. This sensor allows high-precision scanning at the ZEISS RDS swivel/rotate joint. The refined bearing point of the XXT adapter plates ensures system stability and a high degree of accuracy. The gold-plated contact points improve electrical conductivity for more robust data transmission.

Protect your adapter plates with ZEISS storage solutions

As with all sensitive metrology accessories, it is particularly important to securely store adapter plates – rather than leave them unprotected in the measuring room or on the machine. You can conveniently protect your sensitive stylus systems from dirt and damages in ZEISS stylus cabinets with specially designed plate holders that store them without risk of falling out. This way, your stylus systems can be used on your CMM in perfect condition whenever they are required.

Easily clean adapter plates the right way

To guarantee reliable transmission of the deflection as well as measurement data, we recommend cleaning your adapter plates at regular intervals. Oil and dust can cause operating errors and prevent reproducible measurements. Especially the three-point contact and the pins of the data chip must be kept clean of impurities. We recommend cleaning the rollers, balls and chip pins with a soft > ZEISS microfibre cloth, or in case of more stubborn stains, with > ZEISS stylus cleaning wipes.

Setting ZEISS VAST and ZEISS VAST XTR adapter plates correctly

The rotational position of the adapter plate is adjusted via three screws on the top. Adjustments have to be made with great care, ideally with a torque wrench: If the screws are not tightened enough, the joint is not rigid enough to obtain reproducible measurement results. If the screws are tightened too much, the entire plate will warp and a secure fit to other system components can no longer be guaranteed. Sounds tricky? > FixAssist® from ZEISS makes setting your adapter plates a breeze.

Prepared for the future

With original ZEISS adapter plates

Guaranteed machine & software functionality

The compatibility of all machine components and software versions developed by ZEISS, including original ZEISS adapter plates, is laboratory-tested. Only original ZEISS adapter plates ensure and guarantee reliable operation.

Future-proof with maximum performance

You only benefit from all performance-optimising software functions by using original ZEISS adapter plates. These let you exploit the full potential of your ZEISS CMM, both today and in the future.

No compromise on machine accuracy

Only original ZEISS adapter plates are extensively evaluated during the engineering process. This guarantees reliable measurement results within the required machine specification.

The history of original ZEISS adapter plates

Ahead of the competition from the very start

Development of MT VAST adapter plates

Use the slider below to discover the development of the adapter plates



Continuous development

It is our ambition to continue to be a leading driver in providing well-aligned solutions in quality assurance and to increase the productivity of our customers.


Programmed ID-chip

Large ZEISS exchange campaign to increase the functionalities of adapter plates featuring an active and programmed ID-chip.


Centering aid

Modification of the backward compatible adapter plates to the new ZEISS VAST XT measuring head and introduction of the bore as centering aid.


ID-chip implementation

Modification of the adapter plates to the new ZEISS VAST measuring head and implementation of the coded ID-Chip.



Development of adapter plates to be the first supplier offering CNC-controlled stylus system changes.

Development of VAST XXT adapter plates


ID-chip activation

Activation of the ID-chip to extend the capabilities of the adapter plate.



Preparing for new features by replacing the ID-Chip and using the DeviceActivator.


Gold-plated balls

Enhancement of the bearing points with gold-plated balls.


The ideal solution for every system

“Choose the VAST technology that best fits your application.”

Frequently asked questions about adapter plates

Why do the screws have to be tightened to 2 Nm?

The tightening torque for the adapter plates is very critical and must be maintained. If the screws are tightened with less torque, there is a risk of the stylus system becoming angled, which may result in measuring errors due to shaft probing. If the screws are tightened too much, the aluminum body of the adapter plate will be distorted and can no longer be picked up by the head properly and the measured values cannot be reproducibly transferred.

Why do the XXT adapter plates have gold spheres?

The golden spheres have been implemented to ensure more stable data transmission. The gold coating transmits electronic data much better than the pure steel sphere as known from previous embodiments. These gold coatings are also known from the audio field, where connectors are also gold-coated. Especially on CMMs that are located in an oil- and dust-containing environment in production, these golden spheres enable considerably better results.

What is the technical background of the activated chip?

Since the introduction of the VAST XT probe, it has been technically possible to identify stylus systems via a chip. This is the basis for a large number of options in machine controls and CALYPSO software. This chip has been activated since 2007 and is used in many applications. Increasingly more features of the machine or the software can only be implemented with the help of these activated chips. You can see plates with activated chop on the ZEISS logo and 2 stickers with article and serial numbers.

Are there special care instructions for adapter plates?

Regardless of the probe used, all adapter plates feature the product as the most important component in the stylus system chain. The plate transfers the probing deflection to the probe. The better and more stable this connection is, the more reliable the measurable values that can be achieved. This transmission safety may be restricted in the case of contaminated or damaged plates. Therefore, we recommend regular cleaning and checking of the critical components under the microscope. The critical components are the 3 glued-in rollers and the so-called anchor plate in the center of the plate. Both should be completely free from contamination and damage. Appropriate cleaning cloths can be used for cleaning. Other cleaning agents may also be used depending on the type and tenacity of the contamination. However, we recommend consulting your ZEISS representative in advance

Can adapter plates of other manufacturers be used safely?

ZEISS adapter plates are part of the ZEISS probe technology, which cannot be copied so easily. The basic functions of the machine and CALYPSO can certainly be used. However, the new controllers and many software options can only read the specially developed technology in the original ZEISS adapter plates. However, many cheap copies on the market are not able to map this particular technology, so it may happen that these no longer work with new controllers or new features. Only original ZEISS adapter plates can guarantee full functionality of the machine.

The ideal stylus system

Learn the central role of adapter plates as an interface between your  styli and your CMM, along with important info on extensions and  connection elements. Combined correctly, these components shape the ideal stylus system for reliable and reproducible measurement results.

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