The one for many applications.


ZEISS BOSELLO MAX is the customisable 2D X-ray solution for your defect detection needs in the production environment. Our proprietary image processing algorithms and the Computed Tomography enhancement allow the detection and complete analysis of various castings. The reliable 2D X-ray technology ensures sharp results and quality control for a large range of workpieces – even in the toughest conditions.

ZEISS BOSELLO MAX: The one for many applications

One system for many applications, designed to perform in production with high-quality images, moving 360° rotary table for easy loading and fast evaluation software. The system can be equipped with Automatic Defect Recognition and CT option.


How you benefit from ZEISS BOSELLO MAX:

High precision: alignment and control of source and detector

The software-controlled coordination and alignment between source and detector allow precise positioning and handling. The unique set-up of a virtual C-arm is also more robust.

High flexibility: the perfect fit for your needs

ZEISS BOSELLO MAX is available in multiple versions and combinations, e.g. for X-ray power range and cabinet size. The system is configured to fit any application, from small and light alloys up to wide and dense materials.

Robust design: made for the production environment

With its robust design, ZEISS BOSELLO MAX is perfectly built for the production environment. The cabinet is completely self-contained and allows effortless transportation and installation.

Easy loading: for convenient handling of heavy parts

The large double sliding doors and the possibility to move the turntable to an external position make loading very convenient and easy, even for heavy parts.


Discover remarkable features and advantages
Maximum image quality
  • ZEISS image processing algorithms for the best radioscopic image quality
  • Wide range of filters and image enhancements
  • Optional Automatic Defect Recognition software for reliable and automatic inspection
Convenient loading
  • Large double sliding doors
  • Turntable that can be moved to an external position
  • Easy handling even of heavy parts
Space-saving design
  • Compact footprint as low as 1700 x 1700 x 2200 mm
  • Tilting, adjustable and ergonomic console directly integrated into the cabinet
  • The smaller the required space, the lower the cost of ownership
Reliable and fast inspection
  • Software-controlled coordination and alignment between source and detector
  • Configurable inspection method within manual, CNC-controlled cycles and Automatic Defect Recognition

Applications of ZEISS BOSELLO MAX

The perfect fit for all your needs

Suitable for a range of parts and industries

From small to large parts of low to high density, there is the right ZEISS BOSELLO MAX configuration for all your quality assurance needs.

Top industries

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Foundry
  • Oil & Gas
  • New Energy Vehicles


Integration into the production environment

ZEISS BOSELLO MAX can be easily integrated both at-line or off-line. As a result of its robust design, small footprint, easy transportation and simple installation, it can be placed almost anywhere in your production environment.

Technical data

Wide configuration of software and hardware options


70.120 / 80.150 / 100.150 (200)

Part size



1700 x 1700 x 2200 – 2600 x 2600 x 2600 mm

Flat panel detector size

8/10/16 inches

Max. tube voltage

160 – 450 kV (depending on cabinet size)

Measuring cylinder

700 x 1200 – 1000 x 2000 mm

Max. workpiece weight

80 – 250 kg (depending on cabinet size)

CT option

All ZEISS BOSELLO HEX and ZEISS BOSELLO MAX systems are CT-ready, meaning you can easily capture a set of images to generate 3D models of your castings. This option allows you to get more information on detected defects, including their three-dimensional volume and location, via a third-party software.

ZEISS BOSELLO MAX: 2D X-Ray manual inspections

One of the ZEISS BOSELLO MAX strengths is the ease of use of its software and manipulator. The system is equipped with only one software for system operation, image acquisition, and post-processing. It Includes defect reference library for fast defects detection.

Customer Stories

Dr. Georg Dambauer Managing Partner VMG Dambauer

That’s why we like the ZEISS BOSELLO MAX machine so much — because compared to other X-ray machines, it offers a higher image quality and higher image resolution.

Michael Gundacker, Quality Manager, MRB Guss GmbH

The data can help us avoid errors before they even happen.

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